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St. Elizabeth School  and  Child Care Center

St. Elizabeth School and Child Care Center is conducted by a Catholic religious community the Franciscan Sisters of St. Elizabeth.  This community was founded by St. Ludovico of Casoria from Naples, Italy in 1862.  

We offer students and parents social, moral, and academic experiences that rooted in the Roman Catholic faith and values.  We follow New Jersey Birth to Three Early Learning Standard, New Jersey Preschool Classroom Teaching Guidelines, and New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Kindergarten. Each curriculum is used to support children to reach age appropriate learning goals.

Our Mission

The mission of Saint Elizabeth School and Child Care Center is to nurture an environment that will empower our diverse student population to be academically successful while challenging each to develop self-respect and self-confidence as they evolve into lifelong learners and to develop problem solving skills-leading each student to be responsible and valuable member of our global society.

St. Elizabeth of Hungary 

(1207 - 1231)

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Our Vision

St. Francis of Assisi 

(1182 - 1226)

Saint Elizabeth School and Child Care Center is an outstanding school committed to providing a loving, caring, and safe environment which offers all students the opportunity to grow, develop, and explore both on individual and social levels.

Our History

St. Elizabeth School and Child Care Center began in the summer of 1927 as The Franciscan Sisters of St. Elizabeth Day Nursery and Kindergarten as part of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, 99 Broadway, Jersey City, New Jersey.  

In 1954, due to the subsequent increase in the number of children, the school moved to its present location 129 Garrison Ave, Jersey City, New Jersey which is very convenient for the working parents being close to Journal Square. 

Sr. Gina Maria Amico was the first principal of Franciscan Sisters of St. Elizabeth School and  Child Care Center. The first teachers at the Center were Sr. Fidelis Setola, Sr. Antonina Letizia, Sr. Salvatore Borrata, Sr. Marie Antoinette Oliver, and Sr. Maria Trotta.